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I Procrastinate.

HELLLOOOOOO to my new friends.

Here's a video for you, dearies. Fanboys dancing to K8's It's My Soul. Enjoy!! 8DDD

They also did UMP and Akaku Moyuru Taiyou, but this one's the funniest imo.

Back to my homework now. Later, f-list~ :D
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Ahak ba.

My teacher returned one of my reaction papers this morning. There are "/she" written all over it. She gave me a 7/10. Apparently, I am not gender-sensitive. Highlight of the day. LOL. XP

I want to write more (about last night's Shounen Club and my short visit to my high school today). I want to check my f-page. I want to read that Jin thing yum_gums made me read. I want to make chika with derschatzi about dude. I want to ask doublesharp how she got home. But schoolwork has rendered me sleepy and tired. So I'm off to bed now. x_x

Plus, I have a 7:30 am class tomorrow today.

Nighty-night, everyone!!!
Yamapi. // He's perfect <3


Cramming is never fun, but that doesn't stop me from doing it over and over again. 8D I think it's a... student thing...? Or maybe it's just me. Oh, wth. The good news is I'm finally done with one of my SocSci papers. One more to go!! Haha!! For the second paper, I just have to write about my experiences and feelings about college. Easy. I've been in college for only seven months. That shouldn't be long.

Lo and behold, the return of Fiona's to-do lists!
+ Make SocSci paper #2 
+ Make a header for our website about Soil. >_>
+ Burn cds for Melai (Comm1)
+ Comm1... reaction paper... thing.
+ Start researching for NatSci report.
+ Study - NatSci2
+ Study - Math11
+ Study - PolSci14

Damn. Christmas break is really over. XP

Check out my new layout and header. I took the picture of the bridge myself. I'm pretty proud of that, considering that I was on a moving touris bus when I took that. XD. Ignore the badly-placed text, okay? It's small, barely readable and not pretty. Photoshop newbie here. XD As for my new layout- I love it. It's box-y and it looks so neat. It makes the OC-girl in me super happy. LOL. I'll probably be using this for a looong time, or until I come across another layout that's as box-y and organized-looking. XDD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's Sunday tomorrow, which means... SHOUNEN CLUB!!! OHYEA. Yasu, Baru and Maru will be the guests. Aaaaaaand Tamamori will take part in the Medley!!! He's going to sing Kanfuu Fighting with Maru and Miyata! Can't wait!! 8D

Night-night, everyone! :)
HeeChul. // Happy

More Uchi!!!

Uchi news is flooding my friends page. but.  I. do. not. mind. at. all. 8D

This is really, really distracting me from my homework, but eh whatever. Those SocSci papers can wait. It's still due on Monday, anyway. LOL. XDDD. Why do these things always happen when I'm trying to be being productive? Like when H!S!Jump debuted, I was supposed to study for a math exam, but there I was, angsting over the loss of Ya-Ya-Yah. LOL.

OHYEA. I drove alone for the first time today! XD But that doesn't really matter now, now that there are many Uchi news to read, download, squeal and flail at. 8D

P.S. Kusano's back, too. No longer a trainee. Happy now, yum_gums? :D
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Byebye Xiah. Hello News.

Look who has a new header. XP

My internet was (and still is!) being a brat. Got kicked out of Y!M many times. Couldn't check my friends page, email, & etc without being interrupted. Couldn't do anything.

So I played with Photoshop instead.
... then it took me forever to upload the header to imageshack.

I'm hoping that after I click the "post to vreemd23" button, I will not be greeted with a "network error" page. >.<
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hey, I'm back.

... and bored. XP

Second post today, yo.

So how was your Christmas, everyone? Did you have fun? I hope you did. I... Me... Christmas at our house was fine. It was okay. Not bad, but not memorable either. Boring. I spent half of the night online, converting videos and fixing yum_gums eljay. Last year's celebration was better. ~_~

I got the gift I asked from my Dad on the 26th. LOL. He gave me a 160GB hard disk. 8D. I originally asked for 250GB, but when he went to the shop, they only had 160GB available and the sales person sales-talked him into buying that one instead. Whaaaa. Oh, father. x_x. Now, I'm organizing my files, classifying them according to personal, school, and fandom. XDD

OH YEAH! I got my driver's license on the 26th, too. I had my photo taken twice because I was wearing a sleveless top and the lady at the releasing window didn't approve of it. Nyahaha...

Moving on~

My friend Korki showed this to me just now... and it's really, really interesting. This guy is a very good dancer. He's the producer of Rain and the Wonder Girls. He writes the songs and choreographs the dance moves. Pretty awesome, no?

... and now this song is stuck in my head. LOL. Tell me, tell me... 

Off to download the music vid for this. Later, f-list! :D

Collapse )
Kibum. // Pooh Bear!

Happy Innocents Day, everyone!

I didn't know that such a day exists until about 30 minutes ago, when my friend Vera and I were chatting. XD

~ ~ ~
Vera: fio
Fiona: hey ver!
Vera: we're migrating to the canada
Vera: the canada nmn
Vera: canada
Fiona: REALLY?
Fiona: when?!
Fiona: when?
Vera: next sem, i think
Vera: my dad got a job there
Fiona: i'm happy for you. but i'll miss you
Vera: happy innocents day, fio
Vera: hahaha
Fiona: WTF. X_X
Vera: hahaha
Fiona: EVIL BERA!!!!
Vera: people are so gullible now
Vera: hahahah
Vera: not my fault!
Fiona: kidding. XD
Vera: hahaha
Vera: why arent people playing pranks??
~ ~ ~

So it's just like April Fool's Day, except this one has a religious origin. Oooh. My mom's going to love this. LOL.
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Fiona knows things, too.

Benazir Bhutto was one amazing lady. She was the first woman to be elected to office in a Muslim state. She became Prime Minister of Pakistan at the young age of 35. That was in 1988.

She died today.

I only knew she existed about 10 minutes ago.

~ ~ ~

My dad came in the room and said, "Bhutto's dead!" and I was like, "who?"
He replied, "Benazir Bhutto." As if that answered my question.
Then he left in a hurry for the living room to watch CNN.

So I tried my luck with my sister and asked, "Who died?"
"Benazir Bhutto."
"Who's that?"
"Oh my gosh, you don't know her?"
And she left to join my Dad.
~ ~ ~

I live with know-it-alls. Help me.
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